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2Mx1M Impact Flooring -The best flooring for your joints


Great for knees , when doing work that involves putting your knee on the floor. The flooring has a little bit of give which is similar to standing on the ground outside. It will stimulate your sensory systems from the foot up (better in barefoot) . Its highly durable and is a favourite choice for garage gyms, studios on the second floor(helps with sound) and anyone who wants a high quality impact floor. It’s also antimicrobial and is great for floors with infloor heating. 


Description:  SBR Rubber with 3mm, 20% Grey Rolled Rubber Surface

Materials: 27mm thick of SBR pigmented rubber granule size 8-19 mesh with 3mm/20% Grey Rolled Rubber Surface

Method: Both bonded with molded MDI-based binder

Dimension:  2M x 1M 

Thickness: 1″ (30mm)

Custom Colour options: Available in Black with 20% Grey Colour

Technical Specifications

  • Impact Tile
  • Standard Colors: Black with 20% Grey Fleck
  • Surface Style: Classy and Modern looking flat surface
  • Size: 78″ [1000mm] x 39″ [1000mm] x 1″ [30mm]
  • Weight:  120lbs