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Local Customers Exclusive Pricing Page

FREE SHIPPING on lots of items... If it doesn't have free shipping such as the squat racks and treadmill .. You can still get FREE SHIPPING if your order is over $1000!

Welcome to the exclusive Local Customers Friends & Family pricing page. You will be happy you signed up. Shipping can possibly be less then compared to our website. Or you can pick up your order from our warehouse and avoid shipping costs all together.

You can purchase without subscribing but you better bookmark the page as we dont have it live on the site. 


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It may just work in you favour to add the live shipping rate as oppose to selecting the "free shipping" version available on the site. So you can check this page out and compare and see what the better deal is. 

You will pay a base price for the product and then you will pay shipping... or you can select local pickup and come grab it from our warehouse. 

If you're within 50 miles of Kitchener you are also eligible for free shipping over $1000. Keep that in mind.