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GLG Tweener™️ Bells

Tweener™️ Bells 

patent pending 
64kg, 72kg, 76kg, 84kg, 88kg, 96kg, 100kg 

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Fun fact... most of these bells haven’t been made available until Great Lakes Girya decided to design and make available these much needed sizes. 

Designing a large window with the perfect diameter handle, allows you to carry substantial weight and not feel so much as you’ll break your forearm. 

Those small windows are great for single arm heavy single arms swings... but not for overhead work in a press or a get up.  They bite down hard into your forearm and really makes you work. One can appreciate that, that’s why I like the small window design of Great Lakes Girya Odds set of kettlebells. 

We think that if you’re lifting over 60kg overhead you should not feel like your forearm is going to snap, the weight is hard enough as is.