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About Us


As founder of Great Lakes Girya, I take great pride in the quality of my training tools and the service provided to both my clients and customers.

What sets Great Lakes Girya apart and strengthens our relationships is that our studio has many years experience at the top of the fitness industry and our products are the best-of-the-best (literally).

I want our products chosen over my competitors. That's why I do quality control and hardcore testing. I have very high standards, I personally pick and package each order to ensure it gets shipped safely and securely (along with some bonus gifts).

While our competitors focus on cheap mass production, trends, and inferior quality, we develop new technologies while extensively field-testing our items with fitpros who demand the best of their training equipment!

Great Lakes Girya takes the business of cast iron kettlebells, steel clubs and maces to the next level.

We believe in being the best. If you believe this too, then invest in yourself.
Buy high-quality Great Lakes Girya brand cast iron kettlebells, steel clubs or maces!