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Affiliate Program

Great Lake Girya is on a mission  to get the highest quality tools in the hands of people that appreciate these tools. 

In order to do this it is a great idea to have an affiliate marketing system in place so people that use these tools can have a place to refer their followers/clients/customers too to get a high quality tool that will last the test of time at the lowest possible sustainable markup. 

So I have set up two options for people to utilize to help make this marketing tool win, win, win! 

Option 1

 Simple sign up and go. 

You sign up and you will get a code for your referral to get a 10% discount. 

You in return will get a 10$ flat fee commission on any order over $100 

Commission will be paid out monthly in the currency that it was earned. 

Option 2 

You agree to exclusively rep GLG gear and in return you will get a 20$ flat fee commission plus every 5 orders you'll get an extra $100 bonus. These commissions and bonuses are applicable on orders over $100. Your discount code will be good for 12% off!

There are a few commitments. 

  1. Only provide our discount code for kettlebells, steel clubs and maces. (not repping other brands and their discount codes) you can feel free to do videos and tag other companies etc but do not promote sales of their products. 
  2. Commit to at least 2 posts/reels per week with hard tags  promoting GLG gear and the discount code. 
  3. Commit to at least 3 stories per week with hard tags  promoting GLG gear and the discount code
  4. Pin @greatlakesgirya and the discount code to the top of your IG/TikTok
  5. Link our URL (https://www.greatlakesgirya.com/) or (https://us.greatlakesgirya.com) your website to help drive traffic to GLG site. 

When you get traffic coming in, a certain percentage of people will convert. The more traffic  = more conversions /more people getting the tools they love.