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Preorder Info

Preorder your high quality products and save! 

Great Lakes Girya as a company strives to sell top quality items at a fair price. When you add in a preorder sale of 20% that equates to unique situation where you can save lots of money while not compromising quality!

Win win! You get high quality gear(at a wicked price) in exchange for your preorder.

Dates below are the expected shipping start dates for current orders being placed.

Kettlebells / Bumpers / Barbell   ~ Aug/Sept 

Squat racks / Dumbbells  / Benches /  Cast Iron plates (everything except 45lb plates) ~ Aug/Sept

 Anything that includes cast iron 45lb plates ~ Sept/October 

45lb and 35lb steel clubs ~ Sept/Oct 

5,10,15,20,25,55,70,85,100lb steel clubs ~ July/Aug 


curved treadmill ~ October/November 

If you order a number of different items and you want the items that are expected to arrive earlier shipped separately, place two separate orders.

 If you want a custom preorder please email

The margins on these products are very thin, I have marked them down to help people get quality gear at a very fair price. In exchange is the following.

A preorder is an order placed that secures the product in advance to ensure you get it. It also is discounted 20% in exchange for the uncertainty of the delivery date.  The preorder information on the homepage  informs you of the expected start shipping dates. * not the expected delivery date*.

I appreciate that you want your products as quickly as possible. But this isn’t a regular order. It’s a preorder, I use the money paid immediately to purchase the products for you.

I hope you understand that there are no refunds or edits to orders as per our policy regarding preorders.

I truly appreciate your business and I will do my best to get back to you as fast as possible.


If this matter is urgent , please call me at  1 833 GO GIRYA

Thanks again for your understanding and support,

Colin Lake

Owner of Great Lakes Girya