Pre-Order Terms & Conditions




Dynamic preorder timeline = Orders will be shipped out as soon as we can fulfill them! We have put large purchase orders in and have products arriving almost weekly.  Timelines for orders can range anywhere from 1 to 5 months. We have stopped putting expected timelines on the preorder info page as they were not being met (due to fluctuating timelines given to us from our suppliers and COVID -19 complications) so it wasnt working out very well. But rest assured , you WILL get your order. 

We have put very large purchase orders in and are waiting for them to arrive.  Upon arrival our priority is to send out your order as quickly as possible. This may mean partial fulfillment until the next shipment arrives. 

If you can work with us on this flexible basis you can preorder your high quality products and save.

Great Lakes Girya as a company strives to sell top quality items at a fair price. When you add in a preorder sale of 20% that equates to unique situation where you can save lots of money while not compromising quality.

Win Win! You get high quality gear (at a wicked price) in exchange for your preorder.

 If you want a custom preorder please email or call: 1 833 GO GIRYA 

The margins on these products are very thin. We have marked them down to help people get quality gear at a very fair price. In exchange we ask you to understand the following: 

 A preorder is an order placed that secures the product in advance to ensure you get it. It also is discounted 20% in exchange for the uncertainty of the delivery date.

This ISN'T a regular order. It’s a PREORDER that is non refundable.

We truly appreciate your business, your understanding  and your cooperation.


The Great Lakes Girya Team