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Why Should You Use Kettlebells?

Why kettlebells ?  Read and view this video 

They work! It doesn't matter if you're an elite athlete or a desk jockey kettlebells will enhance your life. 

They have the what the heck effect! They will help improve your body as a unit. 

From the feet to your head. Let me explain... 

The kettlebell swing is the centre of the kettlebell world. You must learn the swing to get all the benefits the kettlebell has to offer. 

If you train barefoot which you should you will become more grounded and be able to properly root the connection between you and the ground. This is crucial at developing power in your swing and progressing to heavier bells. It will also help strengthen the lower body and will travel up into the hips/core and neck as the bell travels through the swing cycle. 

The midsection(aka core) /glutes/hamstrings/lats/neck stabilizers and your grip will all get hit very  nicely during a proper hardstyle swing. 


The upswing - Watch this Video 

On the way up you will utilize the propulsion phase of the kettlebell swing. This will get your glutes+hamstrings+calfs+hands+ Lats a very good stimulus. The hardstyle kettlebell swing is very good at developing fast twitch muscle fibres and helping with explosive power in a very low impact environment. 

- Helps to correct gluteal amnesia which is just a complex term for you not getting you hips in an optimal position to get the glutes to contract. 

- This will help you strengthen  your hips in an explosive manner without the dangers of high impact explosive work such as plyometrics and sprinting. 

- You can get a large volume of swings in a short period of time. Theyre very effective and efficient.  Cardio and strength training all in one. Your heart seeing great benefit and so do a lot of other areas in your body. 

-Theyre the antidote to sitting. They are everything that sitting isn't. 

To summarize, the hardstyle kettlebell swing will help your posture, performance and heart. 


The Top Of the Swing - Watch this video

You will learn global body tension during this short phase in the swing. It is essentially   a standing plank. So this will help your ability to stay tight throughout your body. It will help with posture. 

- Midsection highly engaged protecting your alignment. 

- Neck stabilization, you will need a good balance of the activation of musculature surrounding the neck to achieve the correct  position at the top of the swing. 

The Downswing- Watch this video