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Learn to Kettlebell (KB) Swing - A detailed guide to get swinging.

Here is a detailed video teaching you how to learn the two handed hardstyle KB swing. 

In order to perform a solid kettlebell swing you can follow these tips to achieve a proper hardstyle KB swing. 

The video takes you through a few drills and tips to get things looking sharp.

1- Establish a proper hip hinge pattern with no weight. (shortstop position, glutes to wall drill) 

2- Challenge the hip hinge movement with a kettlebell deadlift. 10 reps with the training wheels which are a tactile auto correcting cue that tells you if you've lost the proper position (lat engagement in the starting/ending position of the KB deadlift) 

3- Proper starting/ending  position for the KB hike/reverse hike. 

4- Proper Lockout ( feet rooted, knees locked, glutes tight, midsection engaged, lats on and anti-peez dispensing)  The anti-peez dispensing is an analogy to describe the stable cervical position you should have during the lockout and dynamically during the swing. When in lockout you need to have a strong spine position from the top to bottom of the spine. No leaking energy. 

5- Deadstop kb swings - One rep at a time with a stand up reset I between each deadstop swing. Try 5 reps with perfect execution. 

6- Timing correctives

A) Naked KB swing 

This can be used to correct the timing of the breath cycle. Its biomechanical not anatomical. So that means you'll exhale as the bell comes up. You'll inhale when the bell comes down.

The naked swing can also correct a timing issue. If you break at the hips too soon you'll drop the bell lower then you should and it will cause a more squatty swing which we don't want. It will also feel horrible for you back.  It's a hip hinge. Keep it strict. Keep your hands above your knees at all times. 

B) Scared Straight - Which is auto correcting and very useful. This drill that works well. You place an object that you don't mind getting hit under you at the perfect height ( see video for example) This drill is so good. 

7- Continuous swings with training wheels top keep you honest. I did a set of 10 with training wheels in the demo video. 

I hope this video helps you with your journey to learning the hardstyle KB swing. 

It has so much to offer. I want to help as many people as possible learn how to properly perform the KB swing. It's extremely useful.