Learn to use your kettlebell, Indian clubs, steel club or mace

Intro to bells,clubs(both Indian and steel) and maces

 Online personal kettlebell instruction

Price includes a 16kg kettlebell, or 1lb set of Indian clubs, or a 7lb mace, or a pair of 5lb steel  clubs shipped to your door from GLG 

Once you get your Great Lakes Girya product we will book out our sessions at a rate of at least 2 sessions/ week. (Best for retention) 

It’s much better for skill development and retention of the material. 

learn how to use your bells, maces , Indian clubs and steel clubs.! 

We will use zoom, an online meeting room. We can record the meeting which will allow me to send you so you can review the material we covered. Also included are video reviews.  I’ll give you homework after each session to complete prior to our next sessions and you send me videos to go over. I’ll make notes and send you back with a detailed breakdown of the movements

Depending on your limitations we will dive into these movements and get you able to execute these safely and within your limits.

High quality instruction from a qualified kettlebell specialist. I also am well rounded in Indian clubs, maces and steel clubs. I have over 15000 hours of experience.

I look forward to helping people learn how to properly use these amazing tools properly , they will help improve quality of life through movement. 

Work your way up in the kettlebell strength ladder, 
they require skill and technique. They’re worth learning properly. Usually anything worth doing takes dedication, the journey is the a process to a better, more efficient human. 








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