6 online sessions - intro to bells with 16kg bell included in the price

Intro to bells online personal kettlebell instruction

Price includes a 16kg or 20kg kettlebell shipped to your door! All duties and taxes paid for by GLG. 

Once you get your Great Lakes Girya kettlebell , we will book out our sessions at a rate of 6 sessions in a period of 10 days 

it’s much better for skill development and retention of the material. 

learn how to use your amazing kettlebell. 
learn how to deadlift, squat, and swing.

depending on your limitations we will dive into these movements and get you able to execute these safely and within your limits.

high quality instruction from a qualified kettlebell specialist. 

depending on skill level ... we can look at other movements as well such as the windmill, Turkish get up or snatch. 

I look forward to helping people learn how to properly use these amazing tools to help themselves get strong !!! 

work your way up in the kettlebell strength ladder.  
they require skill and technique. They’re worth learning properly. 






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