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Great Lakes Girya Colored Bumper Plates (don't use any codes)


Competition bumper plates are specialized bumper plates that are designed for use in weightlifting competitions. They are typically made to very high standards and are subject to strict quality control measures to ensure consistency and accuracy. Here are a few reasons why competition bumper plates are considered to be so good:

  1. Consistency: Competition bumper plates are designed to be very consistent in terms of their weight and dimensions. This is important in competition settings where lifters need to be able to rely on the weights to be accurate and consistent from one lift to the next.

  2. Accuracy: Competition bumper plates are usually calibrated to within a very small margin of error, often within a few grams. This ensures that the weights are as accurate as possible, which is crucial for competitive weightlifting where every gram counts.

  3. Durability: Competition bumper plates are made to be extremely durable, often with high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes. This means that they can withstand heavy use and abuse, even in high-intensity training environments.

  4. Low Bounce: Competition bumper plates typically have a low bounce, which is important for competition settings where lifters need to be able to control the barbell during lifts. A low bounce also reduces the risk of injury from dropped weights.

  5. Standardization: Competition bumper plates are often standardized across competitions, which means that lifters can train with the same equipment that they will be using in competition. This helps to ensure consistency and fairness across different competitions and venues.

Overall, competition bumper plates are designed to be the best possible option for competitive weightlifting, with high standards of consistency, accuracy, durability, and safety.

Diameter 450MM
Collar Opening 50.40MM
Durometer 86
25LB Plate Width 1.33"
35LB Plate Width 1.75"
45LB Plate Width 2.12"
55LB Plate Width 2.50"