The Oxygen Advantage -Toronto-

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Absolutely an amazing opportunity to get valuable information that will make your cardio respiratory system  much more efficient .That can mean improving your breathing patterns and spinal alignment well sleeping, that will help with snoring and sleep apnea. Or it can mean improving your respiratory/circulatory systems for overall heath and efficiency. The system and techniques in this 3 day course will give you the ability and knowledge to help improve oxygens ability to get to the connective tissue. By becoming more adapted to carbon dioxide in your blood you will get more oxygen to the needed tissues. They’re techniques and protocols to follow to improve the bodies ability to get the oxygen you’re breathing in. 

When you cant maintain nasal breathing during cardiovascular activity you open your jaw, your you get tired and breath thorough your mouth you will be more prone to being in a compromised postural position. 

 This course will teach you why mouth breathing is not the optimal way to train your cardio respiratory system. It will also cover way to test and analyze you or your clients respiratory system. This is a very valuable thing to do.  


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